Find like-minded people

The first time I accessed Oranum after getting introduced by a friend I was overwhelmed with a nostalgic feeling. Although it was online, I still felt the vibrations from the people in the rooms. It was like a prayer well answered. Before then, I could only discuss matters of spirituality with a few friends who were willing to listen, however, Oranum made it possible to encounter a large community of people who knew much more about spirituality than myself and were so much willing to talk about it. Ever since then, I have not had any cause to hold back any troubles because there would always be a fitting person to hear me out in every situation.




Chat live with spiritualists

The part which I did not like so much was the use of credits which almost seemed like buying and selling spiritual services for a price. However, after encountering a number of spiritualists on the site, I discovered that most of them were not there for the money and they were not feigning professionalism just to earn money. The video calls made it absolutely impossible for a person to claim to be what he or she is not and that is the interesting part of Oranum. If it was all about chatting, I would have had some reservations, but the fact that you get to see your partner face to face takes it to a whole new level of virtual reality.

Oranum does not have a store section for the display or sale of spiritual materials and resources. With my encounters on the platform, I feel that this is a disadvantage because the platform is limiting what users are able to achieve while connecting with other users. Even if a store is not opened, there should be a portal that would allow users to safely exchange products across while covered by the same protection guarding communication and payment of services. This will be a huge plus for users on the Oranum site. Apart from this, I think their video platform is one of the best I have seen as there are only very few of them on the internet.

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