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Eva Elfie Pornstar

Eva Elfie is one of the hottest porn stars out there. She was born on May 27th, 1992. Elfie is a natural at what she does. With a height of just 5 feet 4 inches, she features quite a bit in the petite category. She also doesn’t way that much, 99 pounds or 45 kg to be precise. That means you can pick her and fuck her against the wall. It is no surprise that many of her fans find her very cute. Many who have met Elfie have said that her smile is very beautiful and infectious. You’d be smiling a lot more in her company as she has a very gentle nature.

Eva Elfie goes by many names on the web. Tiny Teen, TienyMieny and Lady Jay are some of her aliases. Eva Elfie is the hottest thing on the market right now. She began her career as an erotic model. However, things took a turn and she entered the adult pornographic movie industry in 2018. Being quite new in the industry and the possessor of such an amazing body, she was approached by a lot of agents and production houses. For those, who are a bit tired of their favorites porn star can definitely check out this pretty little thing called Eva Elfie. Even though she has been in the industry for roughly two years, she has worked with renowned production companies such as Bedtime Productions and Nexx Level Productions.

Eva Elfie’s Sexual Skills

Eva Elfie has worked in a diversity of films. Even though her career has been short, she has not been afraid of experimenting. That’s why you’ll find her in lesbian movies and even in the anal category. She doesn’t kid around in a video. Her seduction skills are legendary. Eva Elfie has starred in every category – be it hardcore or amateur. He blowjobs are out of this world and when guys see her playing with her pussy on the cam, they cum instantly. That’s the magic and charm of Eva Elfie. Her fan base has only grown since her debut in the industry.

Elfie has starred in many respectable movies, about which we will talk in the section, but as of today, her work is primarily on cam. She does cam shows, which are indeed very good. Many of her fans have said that she is better off doing cam shows than movies. When she’s live, she has a certain effect on the viewer.

Eva Elfie’s Career

Eva Elfie has worked with many big names in the industry. She has worked with the legendary male porn stars such as Southern Comfort, Buttah and John E. Depth. She has also appeared in movies with female porn stars such as the Black beauty Chynna. Elfie has done a lot of movies with Chynna including but not limited to They’re young, beautiful & very…nasty, Going Deep and Better N Pussy: Nuttin Blowjobs. All in all, she has had quite an impressive career. Appearing with those big stars has certainly given her confidence and made her cam performances even better. Since her debut, she has learned a lot and picked up new seduction techniques.

How Can You Get More of Eva Elfie?

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